Our calves live and grow on lush pasture with free access to feed, shelter, companionship, water at all times, and milk twice a day. Rose Veal refers to the rosy color of the meat that results from this natural life-style, where calves have the freedom to exercise and eat a balanced diet. We use this term to illustrate the very clear effect humane treatment has on the resulting food product outcome.     

Veal calves are natural by-products of the dairy industry. Milk, cheese and other diary products require cows to give birth to stimulate lactation. There is always a surplus of veal calves. These young dairy animals are treated as a liability and care for them is minimal. Living conditions in factory veal farms led to the new humane standard, with a result we refer to as Rose Veal. Veal calves that have the freedom to exercise and eat a balanced diet naturally produce “rosy” colored meat.