Organic diet cuts pesticide levels in body, says study

By Sustainable Food News, October 19th, 2015

23642kidorganiceatUC  Berkeley  researchers  suggest  higher  sources  of  pesticide  exposure  for  children  living  in  farming  communities.

Making  the  switch  to  an  organic  diet  could  quickly  reduce  the  body’s  level  of certain  pesticides,  according  to  a  new  study  by  the  Center  for Environmental  Research  and  Children’s  Health  (CERCH)  at  UC Berkeley’s School  of  Public  Health.

The  study  was  led  by  CERCH  Associate  Director  Asa  Bradman  and involved  researchers  collecting  the  urine  samples  of  20  children  from  urban communities  in  Oakland,  Calif.,  and  20  children  from  agricultural communities  in  Salinas,  Calif.,  over  16  consecutive  days.  During  this  time, researchers  alternated  the  children’s  diets  between  “conventional”  and organic.

The  study  was  published  in  the  October  issue  of  the  journal  Environmental  Health  Perspective. Researchers  tested  samples  for  metabolites  -­  components  of  the  body’s  metabolizing  process,  which  reflect  the  body’s exposure  to  certain  pesticides.

Among  the  six  most  frequently  detected  pesticides,  two  decreased  by  nearly  50  percent  when  children  were  on  the  organic diet,  and  levels  of  a  common  herbicide  fell  by  25  percent.  Three  other  frequently  detected  pesticides  were  not  significantly lower  when  on  the  organic  diet.

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Organic diet cuts pesticide levels in body, says study


Tell California to label Glyphosate as a Cancer-Causing Chemical!

From Food Democracy Now! Oct 20th 2015FDN_CAEPARoundUpCarcinogen230_1

Deadline Tomorrow: If a product contains a cancer-causing chemical, we should be alerted about it so we know the dangers of using it. That’s why California is moving to declare the chemical glyphosate — the main chemical ingredient sold in Monsanto’s Roundup — as a carcinogen.

Glyphosate has been called a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization’s Agency for Research on Cancer. In light of this finding, and since hundreds of millions of pounds of this herbicide are used every year on crops across the country, it should absolutely be classified as cancer-causing, and Monsanto should be required to label it as such.

Sign below to submit a comment to the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and ask them to label glyphosate as a carcinogen as soon as possible! Every voice counts!

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