Deadline March 2 to Add Monarchs to the Endangered Species List

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DEAD LINE MIDNIGHT: In the past 20 years, the population of monarch butterflies had declined an alarming 90% and they need your help today.

Overuse of weedkillers such as Monsanto’s Roundup linked to GMO corn and soybeans planted on millions of acres in the Midwest have destroyed monarch habitat, especially the milkweed, which monarchs depend on to eat and lay their eggs.

Right now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering protecting monarch butterflies by placing them on the Endangered Species List.

Send a letter to protect monarch butterflies and help end Monsanto’s monarch massacre today! The deadline for comments is midnight March 2nd.


Tell President Obama to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides!

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Any day now, the White House Pollinator Health Task Force is expected to announce its federal strategy regarding the Obama administration’s plan to protect America’s endangered pollinators. For the nearly a decade, honey bees across the U.S. have experienced an alarming decline in numbers, with massive bee die-offs being reported by American honey producers and in the media.

So far, the White House task force has not focused one of the primary threats to bees and other pollinators: pesticide exposure!

Last year, an international study found that the most widely used class of nerve-targeting insecticides called neonicotinoids or “neonics” are a widespread toxic chemical in the environment and a leading cause of bees and pollinator die-offs.

It’s well past time for the U.S. to stop the harmful impacts of bee-toxic pesticides (like neonics) from killing more bees and contaminating our environment - Bees need your help today! Tell President Obama: Protect bees from toxic pesticides!