Tell Costco to Keep GMO Salmon Off Its Shelves

FDN_CostcoFrankenFishAction230_1-1From Food Democracy Now

Right now President Obama and the Food and Drug Administration are preparing to approve genetically engineered salmon for sale in the United States. But we need your help to make sure that NO major grocery retailer in the U.S. will buy and sell the world’s first genetically engineered animal made for human consumption to their customers.

At the moment, AquaBounty’s GMO salmon is largely untested, with the FDA mainly reviewing the company’s own scientific data before making its decision. But a recent scientific review from Canada released last monthfound that GMO salmon are MORE susceptible to disease and are not growing uniformly as AquaBounty predicted. These are alarming new facts and we need you to take a stand.

Costco is one of the largest retailers of salmon and seafood in the U.S. and is one of the last large retailers that hasn’t yet made a commitment to keep GMO salmon off its shelves.

The FDA may still decide to approve genetically engineered salmon. But, by ensuring that the world’s largest retailers say no to GMO salmon, we can send a strong message that there is no market for it. Tell Costco to join its competitors and just say no to GMO salmon! Every voice counts!

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