It’s do or die for GMO labeling

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URGENT: Call Your Senators at 1-855-977- 1770 or GMO labeling will be defeated! Some of our Senators are so deep in the pockets of Monsanto and Big Ag that they’re pushing through a last minute bill to block historic GMO state labeling laws. We won’t have it! Call your Senators and demand they stand up for our right to know what’s in our food.

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New Campaign Urges Congress Not To Mess With New Organic Animal Welfare Rules

Organic Trade Assoc. says ‘handful’ of big ag trade groups attacking proposed regulations

by  Sustainable  Food  News  June  16,  2016

25633dontplay-e1465930961579The  Organic  Trade  Association  (OTA)  has  launched  an  advocacy  campaign  urging  its  8,500  members  to  tell  their  congressional  delegations  to vote  against  any  amendments  that  may  jeopardize  controversial,  proposed  regulations  aimed  at  updating  organic  livestock  and  poultry  welfare standards.

The  Washington,  D.C.-­based  trade  group  said  “a  handful  of  conventional  agricultural  trade  groups  are  attacking  [the  proposed]  organic standards.  Tell  Congress  to  vote  no  on  amendments  that  peck  apart  the  USDA  organic  label.”

OTA  explained  that  the  new  campaign,  titled  “Do  Not  Play  Chicken  with  Organic  Standards,”  is  meant  to  convey  the  message  that  “any  action that  undermines  the  process  that  safeguards  the  [USDA’s]  National  Organic  Program  (NOP)  should  be  opposed.”

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Do Not Play Chicken with Organic Standards: Click here to take action!

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