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University Scientists Caught Conspiring With Biotech Industry to Manipulate Public Opinion on GMOs

Submitted by Food Democracy Now on September 14

By: Dave Murphy | Founder & Executive Director of Food Democracy Now!

What happens when a private company with a long history of producing some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet and now produces our food starts facing public pressure from a growing national grassroots movement to label their products to conform with basic principles of democracy and transparency?

Well, if the company in question is Monsanto, then you take a page out of Big Tobacco’s playbook and hatch a secret plan to enlist public university scientists to bury the potential harm of your genetically engineered crops by whitewashing negative studies and systematically demonizing your opponents in the media to mislead elected officials and the American public about the safety of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and their accompanying toxic pesticides.



Just Label It Launches “Conceal or Reveal” Campaign

Washington DC, April 29, 2015 – Just Label It (JLI), a project of Organic Voices, today launched its national “Conceal or Reveal” campaign to publicly identify well-known brand-name food companies that are funding state and federal efforts to block mandatory GMO labeling.

UnknownFrom      April 29th, 2015

Consumers have trusted many of these brands for generations and most don’t know that the same companies are spending millions to keep them from finding out what foods contain genetically engineered ingredients, or GMOs. The first company to be identified is Quaker Oats, whose parent company, PepsiCo, has alone spent $8.8 million to oppose grassroots GMO labeling referendums in four states.

Polls consistently show that 92 percent of Americans want GMO labeling. Just Label It believes that the federal Food and Drug Administration has an obligation to inform the public of processes or ingredients that alter or materially change food in ways that are not obvious. Familiar examples include existing requirements to label orange juice made from concentrate and farm-raised fish.

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